What is Hybrid Manufacturing?

ICTC is uniquely positioned to manufacture low volume, high mix products both domestically and offshore. With production facilities in the Philippines mirroring our capabilities to our domestic production in Brooksville Florida, and our supply chain teams in Asia and the US, ICTC is able to transition seamlessly any manufacturing for off-shoring or on-shoring as the demands require. Our global engineering teams’ works closely with your product development team to facilitate what is best for your needs. In many cases, our clients require their IP to reside domestically, while wishing to take advantage of lower cost offshore manufacturing for basic hardware needs. Please contact us to determine how we can best assist you with your hybrid manufacturing requirements.

  • Off-shore Subassembly
  • Domestic IP Security Solutions
  • Intensive labor rebalancing
  • Logistic time management
  • Multiple location engineering support
  • Domestic Final Assembly
  • Re-shoring
  • Supply Chain lead time reduction
  • Domestic test and Kanban
  • Tariff assist